Online worship with CFSC

Quaker ConcernWe need your help in letting Friends in your Meeting/Worship Group know that they are warmly invited to join us, Canadian Friends Service Committee’s Clerks Lana Robinson and Vince Zelazny, for a weekly Meeting for Worship via Zoom.

CFSC hopes to provide an opportunity for Friends across the country to stay connected and to worshipfully reflect on service and community during these difficult times.

A 30 minute Meeting for Worship will be held each Wednesday for the foreseeable future at: 7:30 am Pacific Time, 8:30 am Mountain Time, 9:30 am Central Time, 10:30 am Eastern Time, 11:30 am Atlantic Time.

The 30 minutes of worship will be followed by 30 minutes of sharing.

To join, use this link (note that Zoom will ask you to download it onto your device if you do not already have it when you click this link, it will provide you with easy steps to follow in order to do this):

We know that this form of worship and sharing is new. We ask that you take a minute to go over these points of ‘Zoom etiquette’ before joining:

  • If you arrive late, please mute yourself and participate as a silent observer until the facilitator finishes up whatever is happening and has a chance to welcome you.
  • If you have to leave early, you will see that there is a ‘chat box’ where you can type in to let us know that you are leaving early and not just disappearing on us because of a technical issue.
  • When you are not speaking, please mute yourself to prevent the rest of us from being distracted by any background noise in your environment.
  • If you have to walk from one place to another or otherwise move around with your smart phone or your computer, please ‘stop’ your video so that the rest of us don’t get sea-sick.

Zoom meetings are fairly easy to get used to, but it is technology and can trigger anxiety for those of us who are technologically challenged. Deep breathing, patience, and treating this as an intercultural learning opportunity are helpful antidotes to anxiety triggered by trying to figure out this new technology. If all else fails, try turning off your computer, restarting, and signing in again. You can also learn more about joining Zoom meetings here.

We look forward to sharing in worship with you!

Lana Robinson & Vince Zelazny
Clerks, Canadian Friends Service Committee

AFG 2020 Cancelled

AFG 2020 is cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation.

We plan to use this year’s theme and activities next year at Camp Geddie.

Hope to see you there! Stay safe, be well, care for each other.

Canadian Yearly Meeting 2020 Cancelled

Quakers In CanadaWe must announce, with regret, the cancellation of our yearly gathering scheduled for Winnipeg this August. Yearly Meeting is normally where much of our business is attended to – and an opportunity for all sorts of fun socializing and spiritual enrichment.

For details about this difficult decision, please see the message below from the Clerks of Yearly Meeting.  (Click on “Continue reading”.) As we plan next steps together, please stay safe and supportive of one another.

Yearly Meeting Cancelled

Statement Re New Zealand from the Clerk of Atlantic Half-Yearly Meeting

The Atlantic Half-Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) wishes to express its profound sadness over the violent acts of terrorism that have just occurred in New Zealand. The world has also witnessed similar tragedies in Canada, the US and other countries. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Muslim and other faith communities in calling out the ideology of hate and racism that results in these extreme acts of violence. We strive to promote tolerance of all religions and work to bring about the betterment and well being of all our communities.

We are overwhelmed at the devastating grief, loss and sorrow brought on by these outrageous acts. We extend our condolences to the people whose lives will be impacted forever. We hold these victims in the Light during this time of grief and mourning.

We stand committed to our testimonies of equality, integrity, peace and community. We are opposed to all acts of violence; we deplore the proliferation of arms and military style weapons used in these terrorists acts; we abhor the demeaning of anyone based on the colour of their skin, their faith or spiritual practices. We call on all communities to work together to provide places of safety for worship, for learning, for living fully with our families and neighbours. We seek a world where all can live in peace and harmony.

Ellen Helmuth, Clerk AHYM 

AFG 2016 Photo Gallery

Even more pix from AFG 2013

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More pix from AFG 2013

Greetings to Friends everywhere – especially those at WHYM!!!


Celebrating Betty Peterson!AFG-2013-9765 AFG-2013-9783 AFG-2013-9787 AFG-2013-9793 AFG-2013-9716 AFG-2013-9800 AFG-2013-9797 AFG-2013-9794 AFG-2013-9717 AFG-2013-9719 AFG-2013-9723 AFG-2013-9730 AFG-2013-9666 AFG-2013-9755 AFG-2013-9743 AFG-2013-9736

Photos from AFG 2013

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