AFG Program Leaders 2018

We have four slots open if you wish to offer a Special Interest Group! Especially to be sought would be persons who can present children’s and intergenerational programs; sessions that are fun, such as amateur drama, arts and crafts, special skills such as dance or yoga, as well as sessions to help us understand other cultures or religions.  Indicate your offering on your registration.

Our Registrar: Daphne Davey has been a Friend since the age of 14, and is still discovering life, Quaker or other. Daphne is Clerk of Prince Edward Island Allowed Meeting. She works full time on a volunteer basis (writing, editing, administration, and much more) for non-profit organizations, including local and national charities for therapeutic riding, and her local watershed group — among others.

Youth Program Coordinators. 
Ruth Bishop is a member of Halifax Friends Meeting, and teaches English as a second language to new Canadians.
Renata Woodward is the executive director of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick. She is working together on a Nature Trust project on green burials.

Nathalie Brunet:  Meals Coordinator
Nathalie is a member of the St. John’s, Newfoundland, Worship Group.



Saturday 9:00AM
Welcome,  Orientation, Introductions & Sharing. Sign up for meal tasks, housekeeping or child care rotation.

Saturday 9:45AM
The opening session on the theme “I Have Called You Friends”. Explore the Nature of Our Spiritual Community, with John Calder as Leader. In this opening session, we will share thoughts about this major gift in our lives.  How do we face the challenges and opportunities presented by living in an adventurous spiritual community? What have the gifts and challenges been? How do we  preserve and express our faith?

John Calder has been part of the Atlantic Friends community for many decades and has read widely on the history and testimonies of Friends.  He has worked and studied at Pendle Hill for two years, and has served on the committee that supported the work of the Quaker Office at the United Nations. He will invite us to consider the vital role Friends have played, and are still called to play, in our troubled world.  We are called to be Friends.     

Saturday 7:30PM
Meeting for Readings: Leader: Keith Helmuth. Bring a favourite work of your own, or by a Friend, to read aloud and share with the group. Choose a selection that has spoken to your spirit and that may speak to others.

Sunday 9:00AM
Expressing our Faith in Actions: Leader: Carol Bradley.
 Meetings, Worship Groups and Individual Friends will share how they are expressing Quakerism in a variety of ways: Retreats, Studies and Actions for a Better Community and World.

Carol Bradley lives in Windsor, NS, and has been a member of Annapolis Valley Meeting since 1994.  She has clerked Programme and Publications committees for Canadian Yearly Meeting and has an interest in the structures that support our Meetings.  She attended Britain Yearly Meeting in 2017.

Sunday 1:45PM
Atlantic Half-Yearly Meeting:  Moving the process forward.  Leader: Ellen Helmuth

Ellen Helmuth lives in Woodstock, New Brunswick with her husband, Keith and son, Brendan. The Helmuths were part of the founding of New Brunswick Monthly Meeting in 1980. Ellen has served as a past clerk of New Brunswick MM and is currently the proposed clerk of the  Atlantic Half-Yearly Meeting. She grew up in a Mennonite family but came to Friends back in the ’50s when there was the need to become more active on peace issues. Since then she has been engaged in farming, and has served on CYM committees, in addition to being active with Atlantic Friends. She loves gardening, sewing, quilting, putting puzzles together and spends a LOT of time in the kitchen. She is committed to strengthening the bonds of faith in the Quaker community.

Sunday 7:00PM
Family and Friends Night:   Michael Miller, Master of Ceremonies, subject to consent.  Individuals and small groups may put on any kind of performance they want, stories,  skits, music, dance. Bring your recorder, guitar or drum, bring your dramatic skill or your best jokes, your costumes or your puppets. Amaze Us!

Monday 9:00AM
Evaluation and The Way Forward.  As a group we will share what went well on the weekend, what we could do differently next time to make it even better, and point the way for future gatherings and events.

Special Interest Groups

Saturday 11AM:
1. Main Lodge:

A New World of Nature Conservation in Canada? Leader: Vince Zelazny. 
A new narrative is emerging about what it takes to protect lands, waters, biodiversity, and related livelihoods. It rests on the idea of Canada as a partnership of equals: indigenous and settler peoples, whose constitution is based on the Peace and Friendship Treaties. All the governments, including the federal and provincial governments, municipalities, and Indian Act mandated governments, are younger siblings; however the original relationship, described in original documents, stories, wampum, and totem poles, lives on in treaty people. Vince Zelazny will share recent experiences where he learned from indigenous experts how this idea may take root in Atlantic Canada through the idea of Tribal Parks and new Federal funding revealed in the 2018 budget. He will ask Friends to imagine how justice, the right sharing of resources, and Creator’s purposes can be served by protecting lands and waters. 

Vince Zelazny took membership in New Brunswick Monthly Meeting in 1995, about half way through his career with the Department of Natural Resources as an ecologist and protected areas planner. For the past 10 years he has been a Ph.D. student and an occasional teacher of undergraduates. He is currently the Clerk of New Brunswick Monthly Meeting and the President of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick. 2. A-Frame: TBA

Saturday 1:45PM:
1. Main Lodge: Tradition & Continuing Revelation: Leader: Maida Follini
Quaker faith has changed over the years, as continuing revelation leads to new concepts, and adjustments to the Enlightenment,  the discoveries of Science, and humanity’s continuing ethical development. Emphasis will be on Quaker texts: from Fox, Penn and Barclay to Hicks, Whittier, and Rufus Jones. 

Maida Follini joined Friends in 1960, and has been a member of Cambridge, Massachusetts Meeting,  New Brunswick Meeting and Halifax Meeting. On her mother’s side, her Quaker ancestry goes back to Thomas Iredell, who, according to family tradition, was converted by George Fox at Pardsay Crag, Cumberland, England.

2. A-Frame: TBA

Saturday 3:30PM:
1. Main Lodge: : Canadian Friends Service Committee work in Canada and the World.
Leader: Dick Cotterill 

Dick Cotterill lives in Truro, NS and is a member of Halifax Monthly Meeting. He is a director of the Truro Homeless Outreach Society which owns and operated ‘Hub House’a fifteen bed, low barrier homeless shelter inTruro.  Dick is also a member of the Canadian Friends Service Committee where he serves on the program committee, “Quakers Fostering Justice”

2. A-Frame: TBA

Sunday 3:45PM:
1. Main Lodge: Strengthening our Faith:  Leader: Penni Burrell.
Outreach and Inreach needs and practices. Sharing and discussion about maintaining and growing our Quaker faith.

Penni Burrell has been a member of Annapolis Valley Monthly Meeting for 16 years, an attender at other Meetings for over 15 before then. She has found the challenge of connecting newly interested folk to the centuries old developed Quaker processes and unique qualities fascinating. It helps her grow in her spirituality, and learn about what works for others to engage in their spiritual journeys. She looks forward to sharing experiences, ‘joys and sorrows’ with others as we grow spiritually.

2. A-Frame: TBA