New Brunswick Quaker Meeting is comprised of five Worship Groups and two Allowed Meetings across three provinces. For more information, click here. There are regular meetings for worship held in in Fredericton, the Saint John area, St. Andrews, and Sackville. There is also one worship group whose meetings span the Canada-US border between Woodstock and [...]

Annapolis Valley Quakers meet for worship every Sunday. Since Quakers’ faith is one of first-hand experience of the Divine (which can have many names), we have no designated priests or ministers. During weekly Meeting for Worship, we wait in expectant silence. Ministry may come from anyone who is moved by the Spirit. Our spiritual life [...]

Halifax Quakers meet weekly on Sundays at the Ecology Action Centre. For more information, click here, Every Friends (Quaker) Meeting for Worship is an experiment. Our worship is based on silence – not a passive silence but a waiting on God and an endeavour to reach a measure of unity with the Divine. People enter [...]

Atlantic Friends Gathering meets annually over the May long weekend. It is a time for Atlantic Quakers to connect and to deepen their spiritual connections. For more information, click here.