Halifax Quaker Meeting


Halifax Quakers meet in person at Spencer House, 5596 Morris St, on Sundays from 10:30 to 11:30am. We can be joined virtually by Zoom for those who prefer that option. Please contact for Zoom meeting details or to be added to our email list where we announce schedule changes and other matters of concern. For more information, click here

Every Friends (Quaker) Meeting for Worship is an experiment. Our worship is based on silence – not a passive silence but a waiting on God and an endeavour to reach a measure of unity with the Divine.

People enter the meeting room in silence. Meeting for Worship begins as soon as the first worshiper arrives. In silence anyone may speak as led by the Spirit. Everyone present takes an active part in the Meeting whether through vocal ministry or through silence.

Meeting generally lasts about an hour. The last ten minutes of Meeting are usually dedicated to “Worship Sharing.” This is a time when anyone can share their thoughts or concerns with the community.

The Meeting closes when Friends briefly take hands with those around them. Meeting for Worship is usually followed by announcements, introductions and delicious snacks.

Meeting for Worship is always open to new attenders, and people are welcome to simply arrive at the door.